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Refer a Friend



Share your unique referral link with your family or friends who have a genuine interest in joining Rewards4Racing, and if you have their consent.


Your friend must click through to our site using your unique referral link and sign-up.


You and your friend will each receive 1,000 free bonus points once your friend has collected a minimum of 1,000 points by shopping online with our retail partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

To refer a friend, you will need to send them your unique link that can be found here. You can contact your friend using email, Facebook, X or by copying the unique link and sending it via text or WhatsApp.

Once your friend has signed up to the programme, we will send you an email with an update. If you refer more than one friend and they sign up on the same day, you will just receive one email. You will also be able to see their progress on your monthly account statement.

You can refer an unlimited number of friends, and in turn receive an unlimited number of bonus points!

You will be able to see your friend’s progress on your monthly account statement. As soon as they’ve earned 1,000 paid points for online shopping, you’ll receive an email to let you know.

As soon as the referred friend has earned 1,000 paid points by shopping online with our retailer partners, an additional 1,000 bonus points will be added to both the referee and referrer’s accounts.

Points will remain as pending until the online retailer has validated a purchase. Once the retailer has agreed that the transaction is eligible for points, they become ‘paid’ which means they are available to spend. Please see the FAQs on Online Retailer Partners for more information.

Only points earned by online shopping with our 3,500+ retail partners count towards the Refer a Friend promotion. Points collected by completing Polls, Trivia and Profile are not eligible. In addition, points collected by making a purchase with any of our affiliated racecourses or our betting partners will not count toward the 1,000 points required to qualify for the bonus points.

Refer a Friend is currently only available to members residing in the UK.

By ‘Referring a Friend' to the Rewards4Racing Programme, you agree to be bound by the terms set out below:

  1. For referring a friend, you will be eligible to receive a bonus of 1,000 Points and your friend will also be entitled to receive a sign-up bonus of 1,000 Points, subject to fulfilling the criteria set out below.

  2. 1,000 Points is the equivalent of £10 to spend with UK racecourses on the Programme. Points values at Irish racecourses on the Rewards4Racing Ireland Programme differ from this rate.

  3. As the referrer, you will receive your bonus Points provided that: (1) the friend that you have referred has signed-up to the Programme as a genuine new member using the unique referral link you have shared with them; and (2) your friend has completed one or more ‘qualifying transactions’ by shopping with retail partners through the Programme (see section 8 of the Member Agreement) and collected a minimum of 1,000 Points (the status of Points can be viewed on the Account Statement page).

  4. We reserve the right to change the referral bonus amount at any time. However, if the referral bonus amount does change, you will be eligible to receive the amount that was advertised on the Website at the time your friend signed up from your link, which may be different to the amount offered when you sent the link to your friend or when the bonus was applied to your Account.

  5. Once your friend has collected a minimum of 1,000 Points through their ‘qualifying transactions’ when shopping with retail partners through the Website, your friend will also receive their sign-up bonus Points. Information about how to collect Points can be found on our FAQs here.

  6. Only Points your friend collects through ‘qualifying transactions’ with the Programme’s retail partners will count towards the referral bonus threshold of 1,000 Points. Examples of Points not counting towards the referral bonus include, but not limited to, Points collected by:
  • Purchasing of tickets with Racecourse Partners
  • Winning competition prizes
  • Answering trivia questions or responding to polls/questionnaires
  • Transacting with our Betting Partners
  • Transacting with our Racing Partners.

  1. Points offered for other transactions or offers not connected to this Refer a Friend promotion (such as other sign-up bonuses, new member deals or incentives) will not count towards your friend’s referral bonus threshold of 1,000 Points.

  2. Only referral bonuses for genuine ‘Refer a Friend’ sign-ups will be paid. We will not pay the bonus for any referrals where the new account has been terminated. Multiple accounts created for use by the same person, or any fraudulent sign-ups may result in termination of your account and all accounts which we deem to be linked.

  3. Your bonus for referring a friend to the Programme will automatically be paid in Points when your friend reaches the referral bonus threshold of 1,000 Points (as noted above). No cash alternatives are available.

  4. You must ensure that you have the permission of any friend that you refer to the Programme before you share your unique referral link with them by email or any other electronic communications and be satisfied you are sending these links to friends who have a genuine interest in receiving such communications.

  5. You must ensure that you share your unique referral link to join the Programme  only with friends who are 18 years of age or older.

  6. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the terms of the 'Refer a Friend’ promotion at our discretion. Any changes that we make to the promotion will be notified to Members on the Website.

  7. To the extent permitted by applicable law, and with the exception of liability arising either from fraud, from death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our employees, we exclude: (1) all liability howsoever arising connected with the 'Refer a Friend' promotion; and (2) all warranties, conditions, undertakings, terms and obligations implied by law (whether by statue, common law or otherwise).

  8. Any decision that we make in relation to the 'Refer a Friend' promotion (or any matter connected with it) is final and binding.

  9. Any personal data collected for the purposes of the 'Refer a Friend' promotion will be processed in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

  10. The ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme Is intended to be used by individuals to promote to family or friends. The terms in this paragraph 16 are intended to prevent any Members from knowingly or unknowingly promoting the Programme in an irresponsible manner. If a Member does wish to promote the Programme to individuals other than their friends and family they must meet certain stipulations:(The below is a requirement of using the Rewards4Racing ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme and does not constitute legal advice).
    • If promoting the Programme using a referral link, the referrer must make it clear that they are a Member of the ‘Rewards4Racing’ scheme and will receive a reward.
    • If promoting the Programme using a referral link, the referrer must ensure that the link is only promoted to an audience who are 18 years of age or older.
    • If a Member chooses to promote the Programme on their website they must:
      • Include an option to consent to cookies, a cookie policy and a privacy policy.
      • Make it clear to their users that the ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme uses cookies to allow Rewards4Racing to record referrals and be able to correctly allocate Points as a reward. Therefore, by including links to the scheme on your website you’re allowing Rewards4Racing to record their sign-up in relation to your referral.
      • ‘Refer a Friend’ invites and referral links should only be sent via electronic communications if the referrer has the consent of the recipient, knows that the recipient has a genuine interest in receiving the communication and is 18 years of age or older.
  1. ‘Refer a Friend’ referral links should not be promoted alongside any other new Programme member incentives, unless expressly permitted in writing by Rewards4Racing.

  2. Your referral link should not be used in search engine sponsored listings (e.g. Google Adwords) or any other paid advertising without the prior permission of Rewards4Racing.