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We want our members' betting experiences with our betting partners to be fun and entertaining. We also want to make sure that members stay in control and gamble safely.

We have listed a variety of ways we can offer support and advice with gambling below, along with organisations that offer further assistance.


I want advice about my betting

Read about organisations that can offer help and advice with your gambling.

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I want to stay in control of my betting

Get advice on how you can gamble more safely.

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I'm worried about someone else's betting

Read about the signs that show someone you know may be experiencing gambling issues.

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Here are some other organisations that can offer support:

Rewards4Racing is a member of Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAiG), which is an independant body set up to help raise standards in the sector, particularly in respect of responsible gambling.

The association aims to foster wider initiatives in the UK affiliate marketing sector to promote social resposibility and create a safer gambling environment for consumers. Measures include setting compliance standards for members which form part of an annual social responsibility audit. Successfully passing that audit is a condition of RAiG Membership.

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