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75 points

per month

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75 points per month

Collect 75 points per month by adding your RTV email address and customer service number

Terms & Conditions - Unfortunately this offer is not available to Virgin Media customers at this time.

About Racing TV

Together with Racing TV, we are offering you the chance to collect and spend your Rewards4Racing points on Racing TV’s products and services, including their Day Pass. Racing TV is the leading horse racing channel and broadcasts every race live from the UK’s 37 best racecourses – now in stunning HD. So whether you want to become a full Racing TV member or would like a one-off Day Pass, you can spend your hard earned points and save money!

If you are a current Racing TV member and watch via Sky TV, then make sure you are collecting your 75 points every month by following the simple steps below: 

1. Visit
2. Enter your Racing TV Email Address & Customer Service Number.
3. Your points will then be added to your Rewards4Racing account on a monthly basis.

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