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A completed claim consists of the 4 following steps:

1) You locate the flight by flight number and departure date (or in the case that flight number is not know a search can be performed using airport and date of departure). This is performed by clicking on the 'Check Flight' button.
2) You select from a short list of 4 options to determine what happened (ie. Delayed, cancelled, missed connection, replacement flight)
3) You enter contact details and optional additional passenger details
4) If the flight qualifies, a success page is shown and a value of the claim displayed. The customer then simply signs in the large box displayed on the page using mouse or finger (tablet phone), agrees to the terms and conditions and press 'submit'.

You do not need necessarily to be successful in your claim. As long as the above four steps have been completed, the lead will be deemed as genuine and will be liable for commission.

About My Flight Delayed

You can collect points with My Flight Delayed all completed claims. See the rates table below for more information.

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